UNITE , IGNITE Songfest At The Hills 2022

Family and Community Togetherness Through Music 2022

In 2020 and 2021, we missed the Song Festival Competition for children and young adults, due to Covid19, but we are excited to continue empowering, encouraging and elevating everyone by transforming the competition to a Festival of Song and Music 2022. This platform is a moral support to the emerging, new career and established musical artists from different parts of Sydney. They maybe losing their passion in singing due to uncertainties of living. Giving them the encouragement to pursue their passion in music will elevate their aspirations to be a favorite musical artists, famous singers or great dancing stars. Unite, Ignite is composed of participants from teens through to seniors sharing diverse ethnicity and culture. All share efforts, enrich and respect each other, regardless of their cultural origin through songs and dance. In this ever changing and competitive world of music, we need new generation to share their vision from one culture to another. The audience will learn new concept of song and dance for entertainment. Music contributes to healthy mental wellness and domestic violence awareness.

CLICK HERE for the Unite Ignite Song Fest 2022 Flyer. Watch this space for updates.

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