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In 20 January 2018, Women Compassion visited three hundred & ten women inmates in Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Olongapo City, Northern part of Luzon Philippines. We empowered the women inmates to take hold of their position as a daughter, mother, grandmother, auntie, wife and sister. To be the woman they are created to be - brave, beautiful inside/out, to have patience, be prosperous and persevere that there is still beautiful life regardless of their past.

Women Compassion Inc. provided sweet bread buns, noodles and drinking bottled water, soaps, personal hygiene, second hand clothes in good condition and words of encouragement for their mental, physical and spiritual well being.  They were happy showing off the clothes they received hiding the misery they feel while waiting for a final case to be imposed due to poverty. All of them need slippers, personal hygiene kits, and even under garments. But they are earnestly seeking help for their children. Most of them have not seen their children from six months to four years, most of their children are either in the care of their mother who is suffering from sickness or sister who are not employed. These women need emotional, spiritual guidance and help from you. Women Compassion Inc. did not only make a difference to their circumstances for one day but will endeavor to assist their children with their present uncertainties. 

Through your kind and generous donations, Women Compassion Inc. can foster livelihood for their children's care givers and nutrition for sustenance of their children.

Please donate for the hurting and lost women inmates in Olongapo City. 

Women Compassion Philippines

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